My Life's Work

I’ve devoted my entire adult life to helping teens and young adults discover their dreams, unlock their potential, create their vision, and share their gifts with others, making a greater, long-lasting impact in their own lives. This is critical as they navigate the challenging world of adolescence and beyond. I think it is crucial to re-connect to those core values which reside deep inside all of us but have been buried by daily distractions. These core values serve as the foundation in building the life you were made to live.

I have worked with thousands of students, young adults and families with a multitude of life circumstances. I’ve seen people, including myself, overcome loss, trauma, family issues and hardships–all true survivors. What fascinated me was discovering the difference between those who survive and those who THRIVE with the ability to find their true purpose and positively impact others. The answer is this: They had an important person, a mentor, walking alongside them, empowering them on their journey. This is where I come in.

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."--Jane Goodall

What led me to my true purpose?

Maybe it was my small-town, Midwestern roots grounding me to give me the foundation and values to create a great life and a sense of community.

Maybe it was cheering on my dad’s teams as he coached high school football, wrestling, and soccer and then becoming a cheerleader at that same school to cheer on my own teams.

Maybe it was being on a team and recognizing the amazing things accomplished with cooperation, communication and encouragement.

Maybe it was working at my grandparents' bakery and learning to appreciate a strong work ethic, excellent customer service, a life of service, and of course, a good Smiley face cookie.

Maybe it was working with my student leadership and mentoring groups and watching the incredible impact they could make on others.

Maybe it was working with my grief students as they conquered the hardest tragedies in their lives, all while displaying tremendous resiliency and compassion to help others.

Maybe it was enduring my own hardships (grief, divorce, single parenting, financial strain and medical issues) to make me realize the importance of unconditional support, inner strength, acceptance, and a sense of humor.

Maybe it was my family, friends, coworkers, and coach believing in me, challenging me, helping me find my purpose and creating the life I love living.

All I know is that nothing inspires me more than helping others discover their passion and true purpose, using their gifts to serve others and watching that impact create a huge ripple effect.

Professional Background

I have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and am a licensed social worker. I have been working within school systems with youth, teens, young adults and their families providing individual, group and crisis counseling, social work services, and creating camps and retreats for over 30 years. I continue to create and facilitate groups on grief, stress management, leadership & mentoring, and social skills. I am a contributing author to Thank You, Teacher: 100 Uplifting and Affirming Letters from Your Fellow Educators by Brad Johnson and Hal Bowman. Through my personal and professional experiences, I have developed innovative coaching programs designed to help teens and young adults maximize their unique potential.